I’m So Grateful to Concrete Wolf for Making me a Finalist for their Louis Prize check out the website below

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Mike Poblete’s Play “Surfacing” will be at the Flamboyan Theater in NYC this July

A bit of advice: don’t open with your botched suicide attempt on your first date. Here’s the link: http://planetconnections.org/2018-full-productions-2/surfacing/ Looks like a good one.  I’ll be there July 29. Proceeds to go to the Jed Foundation for Suicide Prevention.35118949_148495386012808_5542328993937620992_o

Voice for Resistance Reading

Voices for Resistance Reading Monday June 4 at 7 pm at the Forbes Library Coolidge Museum, Northampton, MA

Features Martin Espada, Nicole M. Young, the Nields, with Maria Jose Gimenez, Lauren Marie Schmidt, Eileen P. Kennedy, Ellen LaFleche, Dina Friedman, Christopher J. Sparks and Theresa Vincent.  An open mic will be available for readers who come by 6:45 pm.

Free to Attend.  Open to the Public.

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Mass Poetry “Poem of the Moment”

pexels-photo-590493.jpegI am very grateful that Mass Poetry has used one of my poems for “Poem of the Moment.”  It will be up until April 17.  Check it out: