Touch My Head Softly (Finishing Line Press, 2021)
Banshees (Flutter Press, 2015)


“Costa Rican Nights” Dawn Returns, Haiku Society of America, 2022

“Wading in the Rowe,” Post-Roe Alternatives, B Cubed Press, 2022

“3 am” and “Respiratory” What is All This Sweet Work? A Poetry Anthology About Love and Loss, Vita Brevis Press, October 11, 2022.

“Dispatch for the Earth,” and “To Describe Lake Wyola Autumn to a Costa Rican” – Compass Roads: A Dispatch from Paradise/Poems about the Pioneer Valley, edited by Jane Yolen and the Straw Dogs Writer’s Guild, Leveller’s Press, Spring 2018

“To Describe New England Autumn to a Costa Rican” – Compass Roads: A Dispatch from Paradise/Poems about the Pioneer Valley, edited by Jane Yolen and the Straw Dogs Writer’s Guild, Leveller’s Press, Spring 2018

“Spring Song,” “Summer Reunion,” “in black and white,” and “Here and Now,” –Microbursts: An Anthology of the Quabbin Writers Salon,( Picaflor Press, Fall 2017)

Literary Journals:

“Moonrise,” Silkworm 15, (Florence Poets Society,2022.)

“Walk” and “The Boat at Twilight,” Silkworm 14, (Florence Poets Society,2021.)

“Current Times,”  Pandemic Project, Straw Dog Writers Guild, 2020

“Travels with Emily or How Emily Dickinson Came to Costa Rica,” Silkworm 13, (Florence Poets Society, 2020)

“Ink Nation,”  Silkworm 12, (Florence Poets Society,2019.)

“The Feathered Serpent,” published in Silkworm 11, (Florence Poets Society,2018) 

“Dream of My Lover,” –Seven Hills Review, March 2018

“The Existence of God,” Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Spring 2017

“The Word Returned,” formerly “Poetry as Sacrament,” published in Silkworm 10, (Florence Poets Society, 2017.)

“Colors,” Oberon, Fall 2016

“Spring Song,” Silkworm 9(Florence Poets Society,2016.) 

“Photograph,” Silkworm 8(Florence Poets Society,2015.)

“Elegy for the Poet, Silkworm 8, F(Florence Poets Society,2015.)and Tribeca Poetry Review, 2014.

“Medicated,”  Tribeca Poetry Review, 2014.

“Villanelle for the Rejected Poet,” The Road Not Taken Fall 2013

“Montreal 10 am” Bluestem Spring 2012

“counting,” Potomac Review Spring 2012

“Summer Reunion,” Avocet Summer 2010

Author,” Homestead Review 2009

“Fleeing” Muse and Stone Spring 2009

“Media Pornography,” Poesy Spring 2008

“A Postcard View,” Timber Creek Review 2008

“Apologia,” Cherry Blossom Review II 2007

“Ashfield,” Rockhurst Review 2006

“Salon de Belleza,” Colere 2006

“Regrets,” 96 Inc. 2003/2004

Vespers,” Taproot Literary Review Volume 5, 2002

Hope,” The California Quarterly September 2001

“On Michael’s Being 15 in England,” Blind Man’s Rainbow Spring 2001

“Out on the Lawn,” Anthology, Spring 2001

”Our Time,” Northern Star March/April 2001

“Out on the Lawn,” Poetic License February 2001

“Epitaph for a Lost Poem,” Creative Juices December 2000

“Infidelity,” Poetic Motel  December 2000

“Peace Meal,” Poetic License,November 2000

“Benediction,” Nebo, October 2000

“This Night,” The Funny Paper, September 2000

Art Exhibits:

“Queen of the Woods” in Voices of Earth, Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5, Oslo, Norway, June 15-18, 2022

“Montage”  in In This Together: A Virtual Exhibit of Planetary and Human Health, Hosmer Gallery, Forbes Library, Northampton, MA, July 5-September 5, 2021

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