I grew up on a bay with salt.

I always had a salty taste on my lips

and as soon as I approached home,

I smelled it in the air.

The salt dried out the skin and

you needed extra moisturizer  after swimming.

We didn’t have salt in the sugar bowl

but we had rice in the salt shaker

to keep the salt flowing in the humidity.


Anyone else grow up on a bay?

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A Seguidilla Poem

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img_0210posted this Seguidilla, a Spanish seven line syllabic poem with the syllable counts. Someone suggested I post it without the syllable counts, so here it is:


Two oak trees bare their branches

Fractured by moon bright

ice on a lakefront ripples

Clouds capture the light

With glittering gem

Leafless solitary stems

I wander alone

Has anyone else tried this form?

Motivating Writing at Home

What motivates you to write at home?  I have been trying different things.  My latest as a poet is exploring different forms, like the Seguidilla. This is a verse form from Spain of seven syllable counted lines  (7,5,7,5,5, 7 5.) Between the second and the fourth there’s a rhyme and the fifth and the seventh. Here’s my attempt at a Seguidilla: 



Two oak trees bare their branches (7)


Coupled by their height           (5)


ice on a lakefront ripples (7)


Clouds capture moonlight  (5)


With glittering gems (5)


Leafless solitary stems (7)


I wander alone (5)


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Blogging in the Time of Corona

Now that I have infinite time to write and blog, I find myself resisting the urge and cooking and wiping things down as we’re told to do a hundred times a day.  How do others feel about blogging?adult blur books close up
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Rudyard Kipling on Isolation

“We’re all islands shouting lies to each other across seas of misunderstanding.”
― Rudyard Kipling, The Light That Failed

Is anyone feeling isolated in this Corona Virus precautions environment?IMG_9518