Poems to Love Workshop


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Funny, down to earth, irreverent poems communicate before they are even understood.  This workshop will explore genre and encompass form of poetry by traditionally loved and lesser known contemporary poets.

Join us at 7 pm Wednesday, November 13 at the Kent Memorial Library, 50 North Main Street, Suffield, CT. RSVP: 860=668=3896.

Great Fall International Word Festival

Join Florence Poets Saturday, Oct. 12  7 p.m. at the Shea Theater, Turners Falls  for a reading at the Great Falls International Word Festival

Gerry Yelle

Anita Gellers

Linda Wiodyka

Sashsa Berman

Eileen P. Kennedy

Tommy Twilit

Howie Faerstein

Rosie McMahan


Mike Poblete’s Play -Rave Reviews

35118949_148495386012808_5542328993937620992_o“‘Best Bet’.  In Mike Poblete’s intriguing new play, Surfacing, the four-person cast is strong.  Surfacing is a play that succeeds on all levels.  It’s comic, punchy, uncensored dialog is enough to make anyone relax.  The language is definitely for adults, yet leaves space for one’s inner child…Seeing a bunch of talented, sensitive characters who all have social anxiety and deep-seated feelings of inadequacy is a helpful reminder that, yes, probably some part of us is achieving things in spite of ourselves.  And Poblete’s remarkable writing comes vividly to life…”

—Ed Molin, theasy.comhttp://www.theasy.com/Reviews/2018/S/surfacing.php

“Surfacing was hands down brilliant.  Poblete holds a deep tome peppered with great wit.  He understands of concept of dark comedy.”

–Jade Fernandez, journal of independent stage and film reviews, Top of he Line Piece, https://outerstage.wordpress.com/2018/07/29/top-of-the-line-piece

Running through August 3 at the Flamboyant Theater, the Clemente, Suffolk Street.






“Gathering the Light” Reading July 29 at the A.P.E. Gallery in Northampton, MA

The Gallery of Readers will present four poets, including Jonathan Wright and Eileen Kennedy, at 7 pm on Friday, July 29 at the A.P.E. Gallery in Northampton, MA.  This reading is in conjunction with the exhibit “Gathering of Light.” Join us.

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