What To Do About Writer’s Block

Writer’s block, or when an author is unable to produce new work, happens to all writers.

Photo by Ann Nekr on Pexels.com

Try writing something of special interest to you.  Write down all the primary ideas you’d like to write and then write the smaller ideas that make up the big ideas. Then write an outline of these ideas.

Now you have an outline that is a starting point.  Research your topic.  

Now you have an outline and some new thoughts to add to your outline.  When I wrote my most recent collection of poems, when I was blocked, I started reading other formal poetry forms.  I would take a concept I wanted to write a poem about, I’d choose a form and try to 

follow the form into the idea.  Either the form would work, like a narrative poem, a haiku, or a pantoum, or I would write outside of the form and wind up with a draft of a new poem.

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Writers in Progress Reading May 11

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