“Why You Should Aim for 100 Rejections a Year,” by Kim Liao


Has anyone read this article?  Followed this advice?  It seems at first odd, but the focus on rejections seems to take the sting out of the submission process, focusing on rejections rather than acceptances.   I haven’t done this, but wonder if people have read this or have sage advice on rejections.

Voice for Resistance Reading

Voices for Resistance Reading Monday June 4 at 7 pm at the Forbes Library Coolidge Museum, Northampton, MA

Features Martin Espada, Nicole M. Young, the Nields, with Maria Jose Gimenez, Lauren Marie Schmidt, Eileen P. Kennedy, Ellen LaFleche, Dina Friedman, Christopher J. Sparks and Theresa Vincent.  An open mic will be available for readers who come by 6:45 pm.

Free to Attend.  Open to the Public.

human fist

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Mass Poetry “Poem of the Moment”

pexels-photo-590493.jpegI am very grateful that Mass Poetry has used one of my poems for “Poem of the Moment.”  It will be up until April 17.  Check it out:


Winning Writers Has Been Kind

IMG_0725I was grateful to learn  I earned Honorable Mention in the Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest:

Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest 2015

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest!

 Honorable Mention:

Judge Ellaraine Lockie comments on the winning entries

Traditional poetry forms have had a blockbuster year in the 2015 Contest. The winners’ list includes: two sonnet crowns, two sestinas, a villanelle, a palindrome, a pantoum, an elegy, three ekphrastic poems, and two poems with such distinct and unique construction as to be classified nonce forms. Read our press release announcing the winners.

You can read my winning poem, and the other winners as well at: