I’m Grateful to Starry Starry Kite for Publishing My Poem Response to Irene Christensen’s Maori Woman

Māori Woman by Irene Christensen

Māori Woman

She weaves her fate carefully.

Bone and ancient music guide

her face marks to solemnize her ancestors

and move forward with tomorrow.

The karaka tree soothes the symbols with its balm

mending as the woman heals.

She creates wananga to enhance her knowledge.

Mystical memory grows awareness.

About the Poet

Eileen P. Kennedy is the author of two collections of poetry: Banshees (Flutter Press, 2015), which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and won Second Prize in Poetry from the Wordwrite Book Awards, and Touch My Head Softly (Finishing Line Press, 2021) which Literary Titan has described asemotionally-charged poetry that explores life with observant poems that will appeal to anyone who loves inspired poetry.” It was a finalist for the International Book Awards in General Poetry. She lives in Amherst, MA with the ghost of Emily Dickinson. More at www.EileenPKennedy.com.

About the Artist

Irene Christensen’s art is about painting as a magical act. Her images repeat and are transformed, as words and images in poems. She likes to maintain a sense of wonder in her art. That life is strange and quirky, and contradictory, that tragedy and comedy are not played out in separate theaters, but co-exist, side by side. More at ireneartster.wordpress.com

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