Mass Poetry


Mass Poetry is having its annual festival in Salem from April 30- May 3.  It features Richard Blanco, Rita Dove, Stephen Burt, Denise Duhamel, Nick Flynn, Regie Gibson, Jorie Graham, Edward Hirsch, Richard Hoffman, Adrian Matejka, March Piercy, Rachel Wiley and Holly Wren Spaulding.  I have never attended this event, but  am thinking of going.  Some of the workshops that particularly interest me are Karen Sharp’s on Social Justice, Tragedy and Poetry as Witness.” Holly Wren Spaulding’s “Wild/Nature: Writing in the Natural world.”  And one stand alone, “What Can a Poet Do? Raising Voices Within Our Communities.” Rita Dove and Richard Blanco are speaking together on Saturday night. Have you ever attended this festival?  Was it worthwhile?  Have you ever been in Salem? The witches of Salem put me in mind of “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry.”  I hear it’s a beautiful port town on the coast.


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