Poetry Readings in the Pioneer Valley

T 1. Florence Poets Society (I’ll be reading there as one of 12 poets)

Saturday April 18

7 pm

Invisible Fountain

Eastworks, 2nd floor


Poets reading include Tommy Twilite, Lori Desrosiers, Anita Gallers, Bruce Bynam, Sasha Berman, Brooks Robards, Rich Puchalsky, Robert Lipton, Howie Faerstein, Marian Kent, Linda Wlodyka, Eileen P. Kennedy, and Michael A.M.

2. Write Minds

Marianne Gambaro

Jena Schwartz

Rebecca Hart Olander

Marian Kent

Tuesday, April 14 7pm

Thirsty Mind

South Hadley

3.  My new book, BANSHEES, is being carried by Amazon and can be viewed at https://www.createspace.com/5412273.

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